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The Treponema pectinovorum ATCC 33768 mompA Family [Function: Unknown] View entry

This family consists of a single member which forms a ß-barrel, the Treponema pectinovorum ATCC 33768 mompA (Q9FCY2). The protein has no known homologs and antiserum raised against it did not react with any outer membrane components of Treponema denticola, Treponema vincentii, or Treponema socranskii.

Literature references

Identification, isolation, and characterization of the 42-kilodalton major outer membrane protein (MompA) from Treponema pectinovorum ATCC 33768
J Bacteriol. 1997 Oct;179(20):6441-7. doi: 10.1128/jb.179.20.6441-6447.1997.
PMID: 9335294

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