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The OEP80 Family [Function: Biogenesis/Secretion] Seed alignment | Full alignment in OMPdb

OEP80 is another OMP85 homolog, whose function is obscure. It is also referred to as TOC75-V since it is encoded in the V chromosome of Arabidopsis thaliana. Multiple structural studies in OMP85 homologs have detected a conserved folding pattern of POTRA domains and the unparalleled arrangement of the transmembrane beta barrel. Phylogenetic analysis supported the grouping of TOC75 and OEP80 sister to OMP85. OEP80 has a vital role in the insertion of beta barrel proteins into the chloroplastic outer membrane.OEP80 has a cleavable N-terminal signal and, in addition, its POTRA domains are exposed to the intermembrane space of chloroplast. Thus, OEP80 seems to interact with chloroplast substrates.

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